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    January 30, 2009

    Think {pink}.

    A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, 
    a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, 
    a link between angels and men. 
    Martin Fraquhar Tupper

    My dear sweet friend, Heidi, gave birth two days ago. I was honoured with the invitation to document her baby's firth moments of life - something that is just SO amazing and incredibley wonderful. 

    Already a mom of two young boys, this was Heidi's third baby and for the past nine months - despite everyone's attempts to find out the gender of her baby - she kept such news a surprise, not only for her friends and family but from herself! I'm not sure how she did it - I would've been SO curious to find out! Heidi and her husband, Roger,  I think, were secretly hoping for a girl, but we were happy to simply have a healthy baby, no matter if the baby was a boy or girl. 

    (The fact that Heidi wore PINK socks during delivery makes me think she was REALLY hoping for a wee girl ... hee hee!)

    Well, as soon as I rushed into the hospital room, I looked at Heidi and said "WHAT IS IT!!!!?!??!?!?!!??" "A girl .....!" A girl! Ohhhhh, just saying that gives me shivers! I'm soooo excited for Heidi and Roger - I know they are OVER THE MOON ecstatic to bring some pink into their lives and family. 

    And I know little Jordan is just the perfect fit for their family. 

    Welcome to the world, beautiful Jordan.



    I love Heidi's expression here - pure JOY!




    Is that a little smile I see already? :)


     Congratulations, Heidi and Roger! What a beautiful, blessed addition to your sweet family! Welcome to the world of PINK!
    10 comments so far...
    Rose wrote: (01-30-2009 at 7:31pm)

    AWWWWWW how incredibly beautiful are these first look at life outside the womb. It makes me wanna have another one very little one is 17 months old and it seems not so long ago we had her!
    CONGRATS and Think Pink..LUV IT!

    Kristi wrote: (01-30-2009 at 12:31pm)

    What amazing and beautiful pictures. Heidi you are so blessed to have a great friend like Gillian to capture this once in a lifetime moment!
    As the mother of two girls, enjoy all the pink!

    Lita wrote: (01-30-2009 at 12:04pm)

    congratulations to the parents and big brothers, what a beautiful little baby! Gillian, you are going to make your fans want to have more babies :D

    Lita wrote: (01-30-2009 at 12:01pm)

    Congratulations to the parents and brothers, what a beautiful baby girl! Gillian, you are going to make all your fans want to have more babies!! A beautiful way to document this miracle of life :D

    Debbie Sutherland wrote: (01-30-2009 at 10:07am)

    Gillian I wanted to thank you...I am an old friend of Heidi's and do not get to see her as much as I would like but I get snapshots of their family and to share in moments I miss thanks to your amazing ability. you are a gifted photographer...absolutely beautiful portraits...hopefully one day I will get to meet you! But my heartfelt thanks...

    January 27, 2009

    Baby Piper ...

    Part of the benefit of having so many newborns come through my studio recently is the joys of showing them off on the blog! Everyone loves a baby ... so let me show up a recent sweet baby girl that stole the Gigi spotlight in her first week of life. 

    Welcome, Baby Piper. (Seriously. Isn't that the cutest name?)

    Proof 95
    with the proud-cute-as-a-button-big-sister ...

    Proof 7

    Proof 47

    Proof 52

    Oh, so tired!

    Proof 80

    Proof 21

    Proof 90
    Mom with her girls ...

    Proof 36


    Tomorrow is going to be another fantastic day! Not only is it the 5th birthday of my sweet daughter, Lacey, a dear and very sweet friend is giving birth and has asked ME to be there for document the birth. What an amazing honour ... I can't wait!!!
    5 comments so far...
    Shannon wrote: (01-29-2009 at 4:23am)

    Wow - Piper looks like Daddy! Can't wait to meet her today :)

    Brenda wrote: (01-28-2009 at 1:51pm)

    Yes, I love that name, Piper!! Great pics, Gilly. Can't wait to see the birth pics too!!! :D

    Sarah G. wrote: (01-28-2009 at 11:52am)

    Fantastic! I adore the first and last shot. Beautiful captures and such a cute baby!

    carly wrote: (01-28-2009 at 9:08am)

    WOW! such nice shots! i really like the one with you and your two girls, i should get one done like that...

    Melissa wrote: (01-28-2009 at 6:46am)

    ahhhh they are both so adorable. Addie looks like she is enjoying being a big sister :)
    As always, love your pics Gillian!

    January 26, 2009

    Cup of cake for your soul.

    "This cupcake is moist, 
    tinged with spice and makes a far tastier breakfast than say, a bowl of oatmeal. 
    Of course, it's also a good lunch and dinner substitute. 
    But the generous layer of frosting is really where it's at here..."

    I've been on a cupcake kick lately. 

    I made two batches with the girls over the past few days (I love baking with them!) - along with two heart shaped moist chocolate cakes ... and while my cupcakes didn't look as good as the photos of the ones I am posting, well, they still tasted pretty darn yummy. 

    I came across these photos while un-archiving some images- I shot them a few years ago for a local business. Can you say Mmmmmmmm?!

    I have a secret passion for photographing food ... it's so enjoyable.



    and what is a cupcake without a strong cup of coffee ... 


    1 comments so far...
    Sheena Morrison! wrote: (01-27-2009 at 6:09am)

    I have a love for pictures of pretty cups of coffee. And yours looks so warm and nice :)

    January 25, 2009

    Lovin' it.

    How did I get so lucky? 

    My job consists of cuddling newborns, meeting great new families and helping celebrate special times in their lives ...

    It couldn't get any better than this!

    Isn't this family the cutest?

    Love this one! :) 


    Proof 107

    Proof 27

    Proof 89

    Proof 88

    Proof 48

    I can't wait to meet their newborn ...  ahhh, did I mention I have the best job ever?!
    1 comments so far...
    Amy (3 Peas) wrote: (01-27-2009 at 9:23am)

    BEAUTIFUL images- and a beautiful family! :)

    January 21, 2009

    Baby boom!

    I have had so many calls and e-mails for newborn and maternity sessions lately ... I think there's a baby boom happening locally! 

    Of course, I *puffy heart* newborns and always get such joy from photographing such wee little angels ... makes my heart ache for another one .... but for now (my hubby is shaking his head and giving me an evil eye right now), I shall be overjoyed to hold and snuggle with such beautiful new babies that visit the studio ... ;) 

    I had the prettiest little baby girl visit me recently. I think when you see her photos, you too will agree that she is such a gorgeous newborn ... the perfect little model.

    Isn't she scrumptious?

    Proof 86

    Proof 94

    Proof 14

    Proof 85

    Proof 66

    I wore her out ... being a model is tough work, people.

    Proof 72

    Proof 98

    I have another newborn tomorrow morning ... what bliss! 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And now for the results of our fantastic Leg Huggers giveaway! Did you see how cute these darling leggings are?

    Leg Huggers
    And you know what I really love about this company? They are from Canada. Yeah! Go, Canada, go!

    Using, the winner is:

    #12 - Michelle

    Wahooooo! Michelle, please e-mail me and I'll direct you as to have to get your Leg Huggers for your little bambino! 

    Thank you, again, to Leg Huggers for doing such a hip and trendy giveaway!

    1 comments so far...
    Steph wrote: (01-26-2009 at 5:21pm)

    Gillian, those are the CUTEST pictures ever!!!

    January 20, 2009


    "The time is right I'm gonna pack my bags 
    And take that journey down the road 
    Cause over the mountain I see the bright sun shinning 
    And I want to live inside the glow 
    Yeah I wanna go to a place where I am nothing and everything 
    That exists between here and nowhere I wanna got to a place where time has no consequences oh yeah The sky opens to my prayers
     I wanna go to beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ..."
    ~India Arie

    This seems to be the season so newborns and maternity sessions - some of my favourite types of shoots (who am I kidding? I love them all!). This particular young lady is due any day now .. I'm so excited to meet her new little one. I think she is having a boy - what do you think?

    Proof 7

    Love, love, looooooove this one ... did I mention I love it? I think she looks like a goddess divine!

    Proof 42

    Proof 71

    Proof 54

    Miriam, your online gallery is now live! I hope you enjoy your slideshow! ;)

    Leg Huggers

    Annnnd ... be sure to check back tomorrow to find out who won the ADORABLE, cute, awesomely-cool Leg Huggers .... see you tomorrow! I also have another REALLY cool giveaway to do this week, so make sure to check back. :)

    2 comments so far...
    Sarah G. wrote: (01-20-2009 at 6:17pm)

    I have always thought maternity photos are such a great idea. What a fabulous way to remember the beginning of a new life. Congratulations to this momma2be!

    Tessa wrote: (01-20-2009 at 6:15pm)

    I really like that second shot. It's lovely.

    January 19, 2009


    I'm baaccck! 

    And WOW! What a week! Let me just say these two words: COMPLETELY AMAZING. We had a FABUUUUULOUS time in Holguin, Cuba! I was a little anxious to go to Cuba, as I have never been there before and was unsure what to expect, but quite honestly, I think that was our best vacation ever (not including Disney World, but that's a different kind of vacation). I would DEFINITELY recommend this resort to anyone who needs a getaway.

    Wow! We were so pampered and so spoiled ... it was absolutely fantastic.

     Here are some images ... just try to image the sound of the rolling ocean waves, the exotic birds singing sweetly, the cool breeze and the hot sun, the feeling of complete peace and relaxation ...

    The resort lobby - we were greeted with champagne and ushered to comfortable chairs to sit and relax while they checked us into the resort ...



    Fresh, Cuban coffee was amazing!


    We've never been to an adults only resort before - it was so peaceful.


    My BFF and I did this 99% of the time ... ahhhhh .. this was the life!

    Hubby and I ...



     .... the spa  - wowee! - was INCREDIBLE!


    inside the spa - can you imagine?!

    the stairs down into the private beach ...



    the morning dew ...




    As you can see, the getaway was gorgeous and absolutely amazing!

    However, the one thing that really struck me was the despair & poverty of the native Cubans. I cried every time we left the resort ... and I know their situation is nothing new but I couldn't ignore the filth, the little children with nothing, the mothers struggling to make enough money to buy shoes for their children... oh, my heart just broke for them! We made sure to bless as many people as we could but you wonder and wish you could do MORE for them. One of the Cubans we were able to bless and get to know was Alina, a mother of two young boys, David & Daniel. She was a hard worker, she always had a smile on her face but you could see how tired she was.

    Before we left,  I told Alina we were leaving to go back to Canada."Wait," she said, holding up her hand and motioning for us to stay there for a few more minutes. She went into the resort kitchen and returned quickly.
     "My friend, a gift for you ..." she said, as she handed me a small package, wrapped up in a worn, white napkin. She squeezed my hand as she gave it to me. "No open here," she said, smiling. I gave Alina a hug and told her I would never forget her. I took down her address and said I would send her packages and toys for her children - but deep in my heart, I wasn't sure if the packages would ever get to her. I have heard it takes up to six months for one letter to reach a Cuban. Would my care package be torn apart and never delivered?

    As we left the resort, I unwrapped the present Alina had so generously given me. I cried, of course, when I look at her little gift - two plastic spoons and garlic cloves, with ribbons glued to them, a magnet glued to the back of the spoons - a decoration for my fridge. And a note, written in English.

    "My friend, I will never forget you. Here are some decorations for your fridge. 
    Thank you for your kindness. You are so special.
    Love, Alina."

    Wow. My heart was so touched! Here, Alina was giving ME a present when I need nothing and she needs nearly everything! What an eye opener!

    I am going to be sending her parcels - unsure if they will reach her but praying they will - and little gifts for her sons. I don't know if she'll ever see them, but I pray she will. 

    It's amazing how small our world is and how big the needs are. 
    I will hang the spoons on my fridge and pray for every time I see them - a gentle reminder that the world is so much bigger than what we know. 

    5 comments so far...
    Anne wrote: (01-25-2009 at 8:16am)

    Beautiful shots, I was married at this resort in 2005, and have since been back to Holguin every year, beautiful place and beautiful people.......they will touch your heart forever~

    ~love wrote: (01-19-2009 at 6:57pm)

    beautiful....all of it. thanks for sharing your pictures AND story.

    Rose wrote: (01-19-2009 at 4:53pm)

    The pictures are absolutely stunning, breathtaking and peaceful.
    The story that you shared with us all is one of many hundreds that I have heard from people who have visited Cuba. Thank you for sharing yours:) It truly reminds us of where we come from and that we should be grateful for what we have and not be so caught up in what we want and don't have! Thank you once again for reminding us of that.

    Shannon wrote: (01-19-2009 at 10:26am)

    Looks like you had a great time! So jealous!!! We went to Cuba last Christmas/New Years. Left a ton of stuff for the people there. Next time you go, because you know you will go again, take stuff with you to give to the Cubans. They appreciate it so much more than we do!!!

    Melanie wrote: (01-19-2009 at 10:07am)

    WOW, WOW, WOW...that resort looked AMAZING! Although I am a little disappointed that you didn't bottle up the warmth and the sun and bring it back for us!

    The story of the lady is amazing. It's funny how little someone can have, but how big their hearts are. WE can all definitely take a lesson from that woman. Thank you for sharing her story with us.

    January 08, 2009


    "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." 
    Sydney J. Harris

    Six years of marriage. 30 months of pregnancy. Three children. Two seasons of potty training and toddlerhood. Three seasons of newborns. One puppy. One move. And two tired adults.

    Yup, it's time for a break!

    Oh my gosh. I am so excited! My hubby and I are leaving for a week vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba tonight ....! Hurrrrraahhh! But wait. 

    We are leaving the children. 
    Abby came home and surprised me with the trip just before Christmas. I jumped up and down with excitement and then said "But what about the kids? Are they coming?!" And he looked at me with giant puppy dog eyes - the eyes of a worn-out man who has run a rate race for seven years and is just so sick and tired of being sick and tired - and said "Nooooo ....I just need to relax ....." with a woeful look on his face. 

    So .... we're going to take this week to recharge ourselves and our marriage. Sans kidlets. 

    Annnnnd I'm not sure how I feel about that. Quite honestly, I get a big lump in my throat when I think of leaving the girls, especially Lucia, our youngest. I wish we could bring them ... they would enjoy the beach so much - and yet, it's going to be absolutely, positively amazing to relax for a whole week without the parental duties.

    And now the next thing on my mind is ..... do I take the laptop? Hmmmmmm. I am soooo tempted. I could download pics during the vacation, edit photos (yes, I think I am a workaholic) on the airplane or check my e-mail at the airport. What should I do? You tell me ... take it or leave it?  I can't believe I'm even THINKING of taking my laptop ..... and yet I am!!!

    Anyway - I won't be back until Saturday, Jan. 17th and most likely won't be checking my e-mail while I'm gone (unless I DO take the laptop!). I will return phone calls and e-mails when I get back - alllll sun tanned and rested and rejuvenated. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. 

    I can picture it already - sand, sun, water .... and barracudas?! Oh, Lord. Help me. Apparently, THESE are in Cuban waters.....


    I will not be wearing any flashy jewelry while I'm swimming, let me tell ya!

    Okay, but seriously ... here's a photo to leave you with  ... I certainly don't want to leave that fish photo as the last one on the blog! Hahaha!

    I shot this session this week and as soon as I captured this moment, I knew it would be one of my top fave's from their session. This family is moving to South Africa next week so they have big changes coming their way. I will miss seeing them as this is their 4th or 5th session with me, but I know we'll see each other again (maybe in the summer!).

    I love this photo because I could immediately sense the connection between a mom and her sweet baby boy.
    Proof 1

    See you all soon!!

    Don't forget to enter the blog contest below for a pair of Leg Huggers!!! :D
    5 comments so far...
    Jules wrote: (01-12-2009 at 9:39am)

    Have a relaxing time...although I am sure you are thinking of your kids at every moment....just veg and recharge yourself!

    Gillian's Proud Mom wrote: (01-08-2009 at 5:23pm)

    I hope you left that laptop behind!! Good food, relax, sun, sand and Abby is ALL you need! xo

    Melanie wrote: (01-08-2009 at 4:10pm)

    Have a fantastic time! And trust me on this one, leave the laptop at home. Just relax, soak up the sun and rejuvenate. Have FUN! Oh and PLEASE bring back some sun for all of us frozen friends!

    Catherine wrote: (01-08-2009 at 3:32pm)

    HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!! You both deserve a real break like this. Make the most of it!

    Devon wrote: (01-08-2009 at 1:52pm)

    I hope you get this in time... LEAVE IT!! have a great week sans, work, worry and barracudas!! :D

    January 07, 2009

    The Real Deal. {And an awesome} giveaway!

    Okay, here is the real deal - the proper sneak peak of Baby Joseph ... he visited my studio just before Christmas and with the holidays and such, I am just catching up. 

    Let me tell you - it was a PLEASURE proofing these images. He was such a sweet little guy ... and seeing as his parents are my friends, the whole session was completely enjoyable.

    Proof 20

    Proof 43

    Mmmm. Isn't he scrumptious?

    Proof 82
    Another one of my favorites!! Such sweetness!

    Proof 85

    Proof 64


    And it's now time to get back to the fun, fantastical giveaways here on the blog!!

    This week's giveaway is hosted by Leg Huggers (yippeee - another Canadian company!)...

    Leg Huggers   Leg HuggersLeg Huggers

    I personally think these are pretty awesome ... cuddly and soft for your scooting-around-the-house-baby. Not only will they protect your little ones legs, they are also incredibly cute and trendy!
     And guess what these Leg Huggers are made from?


    Yup, pretty awesome!

    Bamboo is the NEW cotton, is more anitibacterical than other fabrics, is very absorbent, helps circulation, prevents over-heating ... and to boot,  it's also the world's best sustainable resources.

    To win a pair of Leg Huggers for your own Sweetie Pie, just leave a comment here on the blog. The winner will be announced next week. 

    Also, the generous folks at Leg Huggers are offering Gigi blog readers a discount on their products - isn't that great?!

    When ordering your Leg Huggers, enter the code (momleg10) and you will receive a 10% discount. Check it! 

    Thanks again to Leg Huggers for hosting such a great giveaway!

    17 comments so far...
    rebecca wrote: (01-08-2009 at 4:34am)

    I love your baby shots, I can't wait to have this next baby done now, and a girl too! Those little leg warmers are too cute!

    Rose wrote: (01-07-2009 at 4:36pm)

    LUV the hat on Joseph...makes me wanna have another.

    Rose wrote: (01-07-2009 at 4:34pm)

    Such adorable photos of baby Joseph, what a great Christmas gift and name, how suiting for the time of year.

    pammelah braeker wrote: (01-07-2009 at 1:01pm)

    what a beautiful baby!! I want a tiny one too!!!

    Amy wrote: (01-07-2009 at 12:49pm)

    Love the baby pics. I can't believe that I'll be doing those pics w/ my third very soon. Love the leg huggers - great patterns.

    January 05, 2009

    365 days of {love}.

    “No day can be so sacred but that the laugh of a little child
     will make it holier still”

     - Robert Green

    I can remember the exact moment I found out I was expecting my third baby ... I can remember the exact moment she was born into this world ... I can remember the exact moment she was gently placed in my arms ... I can remember cradling her against my chest and relishing in our quiet evenings together ... I remember her first coo ... her first smile ...  her first full night of sleep ...

    Today, my Sweet Pea turns one. I can BARELY believe it - and yet, it does feel like she has been in my life and heart forever. I cannot imagine life without her. I'm sure all you mothers out there know that feeling and can relate. Lucia has been such a blessing to our lives!

    It's funny because she is so different than the other two girls - and with the girls, you'd think they would be somewhat alike. Lucia is quiet, serious and some short-tempered. She loves to snuggle with mommy and be held and cuddled. She is not walking yet - which is odd to me because both my other girls were walking LONG before they turned one! And she has four teeth - which is also odd because the other two girls had NO teeth on their first birthday.

    She's just different. And I love her for that. It's been amazing to see her change and grow over this past year ... and I most certainly have ADORED having a baby in the house again. 

    And she's definitely a momma's girl (whereas the other two are daddy's girls)... :)

    (One thing she does have that her sister's have - a wicked appetite! Seriously. If these girls keep at this, they will eat us out of house and home!)

    Today, I am documenting her birthday in images ... it's been fun so far ...

    {sleeping sweetly } 
    {waking} ... My shutter was too loud!


    sharing some Cheerios (her fave - she leaves a trail of them throughout the house wherever she goes!) with Lyla this morning ...



    Lacey made a scrumptious cake for our sweet pea ... the calorie free kind!
    Mmmmm ...

    Mmmm - birthday goodies. :) 




    We bought Lucia (probably the LAST one within driving distance! I called about six or seven different stores to find it!) a Rose Petal Cottage for her birthday ... it's adorable (I think I am secretly living out all the dreams I had as a little girl!). It's a mini version of the REAL Rose Cottage. 

    The girls have not stopped played in it yet - hurrah! Success!

    Just one last image from yesterday ... I thought I would blow up 72 balloons and fill the studio with them to celebrate Lucia's big day ... well, I got as far as 29 and I had to stop! So much harder than I thought!


    Happy Birthday, Lucia! I love you more than you'll ever know!

    4 comments so far...
    Liana wrote: (01-05-2009 at 5:02pm)

    Happy Birthday, Lucia! I know I've said it before, but you are truly blessed with these beautiful girls! And they are blessed with you and Abby!

    Kayla Blake wrote: (01-05-2009 at 4:48pm)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIA..... wow time does fly, I didnt realize she was one.

    Evelyn & Kaitlyn wrote: (01-05-2009 at 3:41pm)

    HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY...precious are one pretty princess...luv the shot with the balloons...Pebbles look a like--LOL :)

    Catherine wrote: (01-05-2009 at 3:19pm)

    Beautiful! It's as Greg always says about parenting "The days are long, but the years fly by...." I think you'll agree!
    Happy Birthday Lucia