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    July 08, 2008





    Very nice pictures!! How did you get up so high for the last one?? :)

    Chris from Canada

    Right on - can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

    Gillian - are you cool if I post a couple of these on my site and link back here?


    Hey Gillian, what a great idea! And a cute family to boot! ;) Looking forward to seeing them up close!



    Hi Chris,

    Sure, that would be no problem! ;)


    Great pictures. What kind of lens do you use? We just bought a new Canon Rebel XSI. How did you get so high up in the last photo?


    WOW!! What gorgeous pictures (your wedding pictures from before included)! Beautiful colors.
    I, too, want to know how you got up so high?

    Chris from Canada

    Gillian was standing on my shoulders when she took that last one.


    Thanks, all, for the lovely comments ...
    Tanya, I used my 50 mm 1.4 lens for most of the shots, but a wideangle lens for the 'high' shot ...

    Chris, how are your shoulders?! ;)

    Zoe & Derek

    Hi Gillian,
    Sorry I haven't left you a note sooner, but you know, wedding,honeymoon.....
    We wanted to thank you sooo much for being so open minded and fun to have our pictures taken with!! Your blog has travelled many miles to families and friends around the world, Italy and Dubai and every one says the same thing...WOW! You are very gifted and we were so fortunate to have you be such a wonderful part of our fabulous day! Thank you! zoe + derek

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