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    March 17, 2009

    Baby Jack-Jack. {Part I}

    This sneak peek is for Janet ... she e-mailed me yesterday and hinted that she's chomping at the bit to see her sneak peek so I thought keeping her in suspense any longer would just be cruel!

    Last week, I had the privilege of shooting her baby Jack's baptism - but this was no ordinary baptism. You see, in just four short months of Baby Jack's life, he has gone through a traumatic roller-coaster ride of health problems. He was born happy and so healthy, but suddenly one day, his mom knew in her heart something was wrong. 
    After rushing him to the hospital and seeing the doctors and nurses whisk Baby Jack away while calling a "Code Pink", Janet began praying. And praying hard. 
    Since then, this poor sweet baby boy - the youngest of four siblings in his family -  has gone through so much - he needs weekly blood transfusions and the doctors are still trying to figure out what is exactly wrong with his wee body.

    (This image is with his big sister, before the baptism.)

    Proof 2

    The doctors have said Baby Jack's body is not reproducing blood cells .... he could have a rare disease called diamond blackfan anemia  or he could have aplastic anemia. Both are very serious illnesses and the only cure is  bone marrow transplant. Please pray for healing Baby Jack and for strength for his parents as they go through this challenging season of their lives.

    Looking at Baby Jack, you would never know he is unwell ... he is the happiest, sweetest, CUTEST baby I have ever met.  

    Here he is snuggling with his sisters ... the morning of his baptism. 
    Proof 3

    with one of his godmothers and his mommy ...
    Proof 19
    and with is other godmother ....

    Proof 37
    opening his baptism presents ....
    Proof 44

    Proof 55

    Proof 41

    Are we boring you, Jack?!
    Proof 74

    the bling .... :)
    Proof 86
    surrounded by his loving relatives .... 

    Proof 99

    Proof 107I am going to save {Part II} for another blog post! :D Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek, Janet!  
    2 comments so far...
    janet wrote: (03-17-2009 at 2:17pm)

    Thanks GIllian as usual a fantastic job. Love the pics and you made me cry you are the best.

    Kari Rocks wrote: (03-17-2009 at 6:38am)

    Such a gorgeous baby, never would of imagined such an illness affecting his body! He's still gorgeous through and through..
    PS you never did announce the winner of the jewelery??

    March 15, 2009


    “I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. 
    Know this and be free, be divine.”
    -Sri Sathva Sai Baba

    Still in Florida. Still lovin' it.



    But on another note, my heart is heavy for the Ladies of La Tienda.

    Please pray for them. They are struggling..... my trip in May to help out cannot come soon enough.

    I'm beginning to collect donations (21 First Street @ Dods & McNair Funeral Home - until I return from holidays- and then at 12 York Street @ Gigi Photography).

    Check out Rachel's recent blog post.

    1 comments so far...
    janet wrote: (03-16-2009 at 9:16am)

    how can we help out your project, we want to give to these ladies. Can we send new clothing for kids?

    March 14, 2009

    The perks.

    Yes, I know I'm on vacation in the lovely glorious sunny lands of Florida but I promised some of my clients sneak peeks and some proofing so here goes ... :D 

    I first met these clients through some mini sessions at a local baby store a few years ago. They recently had their second gorgeous baby girl and I was the lucky one they choose to capture their little baby's sweetness.
    Ahhhh ... isn't she a darling little thing?!

    Proof 1

    I think her mom and I share the same love for the colour PINK! We totally bonded. 

    Proof 37
    What a *darling* family!

    Proof 43

    Proof 52

    Proof 60

    Paula, enjoy your sneak peek! Your gallery will be live soon!

    Annnnd I can't resist posting these pics. One of the benefits of being BFFs with an amazing-out-of-this-world-kick-your-Betty-Crocker-butt (excuse my language!) baker is .... well, the BAKED GOODIES! Leanne (my ever-faithful-sidekick here in our Florida adventures) whipped these up such lovely treats this afternoon and I just sat there, drooooling. 


    How can she take brownies, melted chocolate and a few sprinkles and make them look THIS perfect?! 



    Yes, I take food pictures in strange places. Like front gardens.

    And this is how we felt after eating such scrumptious goodies. 

    Chocolate-covered-happiness.  I am SO lucky. 

    2 comments so far...
    Grandma Gerr wrote: (03-15-2009 at 8:34pm)

    Nice pic of you two Moms!

    Tamara wrote: (03-15-2009 at 2:01pm)

    Yum!!! I am currently drooling...imagining the goodness of Leanne's brownies!

    Safe & Sound, Sunburnt and Satisfied.

    Welllll ... we made it!

    Safe and sound in Florida! Wahooooooooooo! We had such fun adventures on the ariplane ... and we've had such GREAT adventures in the past two days since we got here!
    Five kids, two moms, four car seats, globs of sunscreen and tons of fun! Yup, this is the LIFE.

    The girlies at the beach ...


    Lacey is in her glory - she LOVES the beach .... this is heaven for her. (I'm still getting used to their short hair cuts ....)
    Ahhhh, dirty feet = a good day outside.


    I bought these GORGEOUS bonnets from Susan's Keepsakes. Aren't they darling? I LOOOOVE them. Each girl got one ...


    We're heading off to a cute-little-church-fair this morning ... before it gets too hot. Dare I say it. Too hot. Yes. The weather is GLORIOUS!!! 

    P.S. I will be announcing the winner of the necklace soon! If you haven't entered the contest, go do it sooooooooon!!!!
    4 comments so far...
    Rose wrote: (03-15-2009 at 7:17pm)

    Awww thanks for sharing the HOT SUN with us here:)
    See the girls really did need short hair for the HOT weather! They look so darn cute:)


    rebecca wrote: (03-14-2009 at 8:41pm)

    I love love love the matching swim suits, how cute! Glad your having fun!

    Rebecca S wrote: (03-14-2009 at 7:20pm)

    Love the bonnet - very cute!

    Catherine wrote: (03-14-2009 at 3:55pm)

    I think the hair cuts look perfect at the beach! Somehow it just suits the swimsuits, sand and water! They look like they are loving every minute!

    March 10, 2009

    We're Going on a trip, in our favourite rocket ship - zooming through the sky!

    In less than 24 hours, I am taking my three little girlies on a fantasically-warm-three-week-getaway to the beaches of Florida!


    Unfortunately, daddy has to stay home and hold the fort and walk Daisy (lucky dog - Daisy, not Abby).
    Sniff, sniff. We will miss Daisy & Daddy. 

    But wait. Let's recap.

    One 3 a.m. wakeup call. One {tired} momma. Three {excited!} girlies. One {pink} suitcase (yes, I am a light traveller!), two {pink} carry-ons, one purse, one {pink} stroller and two car seats. One stopover. Two flights. 


    I keep hoping that the airline attendants will see us - as I'm traveling with one of my BFFs, Leanne, and her two kids - and take MAJOR pity on us and speed us through the lineups and customs and all that fun stuff. 

    But despite the traveling stories I know I will have once I get to the sunny south, I am SOOO excited to go away with my Ls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending quality time with them. And this is it. I can't wait!

    HOWEVER - to my clients who are waiting for proofs, be not afraid! I AM taking my laptop and I will be placing orders and proofing while vacationing (I can blame my workaholic/computer addiction on my mom). See. I can multitask. I am a MOM. Hear me roar.

    So I will be checking my e-mails, blogging, posting, etc. - all that jazz. Feel free to e-mail me while I'm gone. I figured three weeks is WAY too long to go without checking e-mails (slight addiction?!) so my Mac-baby is comin' with us on the adventures. 

    Speaking of adventures, this past week has been one for sure. 
    I haven't had a chance to blog about it but my two older girls decided one quiet Saturday evening to CHOP off all of their hair. Yup. All of it. Dare I say, I was LIVID. Super sad. Totally devastated. :( 

    This is their hair now:

    Colour together
    See that lovely tuft of bangs they both have in the front now? Yeah, juuuuust PEACHY. It's so short it can barely hold a hairclip. I am slightly over the HORROR of this tragic hair cutting event and it's slowly becoming rather humourous but gosh-darnit, I hope their hair grows back FAST!

    I have also been super busy with details of LaTienda. Do you see that fancy new link up above with LaTienda on it? Click on Gigi's 411 and it will appear. (Thank you, Chad, for helping me out!!) Donations are being accepted now at:

     Dods & McNair Funeral Home at 21 First Street, Orangeville

    Gigi Photography 12 York Street, Orangeville

    or you can mail your donations to:

    Gigi Photography 
    12 York Street
    Orangeville, Ontario 
    L9W 1L6

    Click on that Gigi's 411 La Tienda link up above to get details as to what we need to bring to the D.R. in May. 

    Oh, for fun ... here's a snap of the goodies Gramma Marshie (my mom) brought the girls to say good-bye before we leave. 

    Such treats always go down easy.


    Sometimes, for your mommas out there, do you get all sentimental and lovey-dovey before a trip? I do. And part of my sentimentalism is cherishing my three girlies. I found an amazing jewelry supplier online and purchased a personalized necklace for me to wear during the trip. The necklace has the words:

    "Always in my heart" around the heart
    and then there are three pink jewels for each girl, along with each name "Lacey Lyla & Lucia" engraved on the heart. 

    I just got it in the mail today and I LOOOOOOOOOVE it. LOOOVE it. 




    Isn't it lovely?! I loved it so much that I asked the designer if she would like to do a giveaway here on the Gigi blog - and she said yes! 

    So all you lucky mommas out there, ENTER THIS CONTEST FOR SURE!


    Amanda , owner of Silver Me Pendants, specializes in creating custom hand stamped sterling silver pendants. Besides making awesome jewelry, this Texan SAHM and WAHM (work at home) mom is also caring for her two year old son - her favourite job of all!  You can check out her websites HERE  and HERE.

    You have to look through her website and see all the fantastic, wonderful pieces! I loved all of them!
    Hand stamped sterling silver 3 Stack Name Tag Necklace with small puffy heartFamily Totem - Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Bar with Names

    To enter today's giveaway from Silver Me Pendants, look through her site and pick out your favourite piece, come back to this blog and make a comment and your name will be entered into the draw! I will post a winner in 10 days!

    The lucky winner will receive this beautiful necklace -  this necklace can be easily modified for one child up to 3 or four, maybe even 5 names (depending on length). If someone with four children wins this, then a crystal for each child will be included or the winner may choose the puffy heart if they like that better.  

    Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Name Tag Necklace with Heart

    Thanks, Amanda, for hosting such an AWESOME giveaway!!

    39 comments so far...
    viagra online wrote: (09-07-2010 at 9:01am)

    OMG! I love Sky! Her hair is awesome :) At first I thought "oh whatever," but I am starting to see how much fun these dolls could be. Kind of creepy the photo of your customization [eye poke]. Sometimes I sense that we as fans might not do enough to communicate our appreciation for the performers who give up their bodies and sacrifice their personal lives so that they may entertain. Sometimes I think we falsely assume that the performers just instinctively know.

    Deb VW wrote: (03-15-2009 at 5:16pm)

    They are beautiful and I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog. As an amateur photographer, I am learning tons from watching what you do. You make it look so easy.

    Tiffany wrote: (03-15-2009 at 6:07am)

    I love these necklaces, my favourite is the mixed short stack and I agree with Tamara a great Mother's Day gift!!

    Amy wrote: (03-15-2009 at 5:16am)

    Love the necklaces. My favourite is the same one you got - Heart w/ the jewels. How you find these great things is beyond me!!!

    marybeth i wrote: (03-14-2009 at 7:08pm)

    Hand stamped sterling silver 3 Stack Name Tag Necklace with small puffy heart is beautiful. I have three kids and this would be perfect. Her work is very intricate and precise. I love the big heart also.

    March 07, 2009

    ~Mother's Day Mini Sessions~


    Say what?! Mother's Day! Yes, well, I'm thinking ahead. And so should you! If you're interested in booking, call the Lina Lounge and book in your spot! They are filling fast and sessions are limited. 

    If you are wondering what to wear, do not panic! E-mail me and I can give you some ideas - but since these will be studio shots, you can either go with the following:

    {very simple}

    - jeans
    - plain shirts/white shirts or tank tops 
    - or plain black shirts

    {very fun}

    - fun bold colours
    - cute skirts for girls and cargo pants for boys
    - a fun toque or hat that you love

    If there are two children in the shots, please try to co-ordinate their clothing. Avoid running shoes/sneakers. Bare feet are MUCH cuter. :) 

    Tutus, cowboy hats and cowboy boots, anything cute - bring it along!

    If you're bringing a baby for a session, if you are comfortable with this idea, I would PREFER to shoot your baby's photos with them in their diaper or in the nude (depending on the baby's age - you can view my website at for proof that babies look cute in their birthday suits!). We will have the location toasty warm so your baby will not be cold. 

    You can call the Lina Lounge at 905-939-7444 to reserve your spot. Or e-mail me at if you have clothing questions, etc.

    1 comments so far...
    Heather wrote: (03-11-2009 at 6:23pm)

    Looks like fun!! Your images are gorgeous! I would jump on this!!

    March 05, 2009

    When there's only mud, make mud pies. Or something like that.

    If you live or have ever visited Ontario, Canada, during the month of March, you would notice that it's UGLY outside. Correction. 
    It's beyond ugly. 

    Meltling brown snow, mixed in with five months of gritty salt, sand and dirt, sad leafless trees, soggy pathways, muddy parks and brown fields. Yeah, not the prettiest time of year. Yucko.

    But surprise, surprise. In the midst of all this nasty-brownness ... my potted window geranium burst into bloom. (Umm, that ALONE is a surprise. They survived the winter in Gigi's house? Hmmm. I think Abby has been secretly watering them behind my back. Bless him.)

    It's a sign. 
    Throw open the curtains. Fling out that welcome mat. Rip off those storm windows.

    Spring *IS* coming. 


    It's funny - when you slap on a macro lens, you suddenly see things on nature you would never see with the naked eye. This water droplet and this tiny fringe of "hair" was barely visible when looking at the plant in the normal fashion. 

    (Click on image to see it better!)

    Oh, pardon me. This image is not my geranium, but rather some other budding flower that my hubby brought home. No clue what it really is - and that is exactly why I get into trouble with my gardens in the summer. Weed or plant?!?! Who can really judge?

    Annnnnnd ... now, I get to draw a name for the winner of the awesomely-fun Lina Lounge giveaway right now ...

    If you haven't checked out this cool-happening spot for parents and young kids, you just have to jump in your car tomorrow and drive there, say hi to Caroline for me :D and enjoy a great outing with your kiddos.


    The winner (using an online random number generator) is 

    #5 - Rebecca 

    Woot! Woooot!

    You have won a family pass of four (two adults, two children) to the Lina Lounge. Thank you, Caroline, for offering up such a great giveaway!

    Enjoy, girlfriend! Be sure to stop by the studio so I can give you your too-cute-Lina-Beans doll, as well!
    0 comments so far...

    March 04, 2009

    A {BIG} Project La Tienda Update

    "{Be} a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world ..."
    Mother Teresa

    Photos courtesy of

    Okay! Here it is! The details many of you have asked, e-mailed or called about! You have all been chomping at the bit to help out with donations and we're finally at a point where I can list everything in detail for you. 

    Here it goes! Bear with me! It's LONG!

    What exactly *is* La Tienda: 

    La Tienda is a fair trade co-op for women located in the Dominican Republic. The women create original designed items for sale such as beautiful jewelery, bags, candles, lip gloss, soap, paper and more. This co-op enables these women to provide enough money for rice and beans to feed their families everyday. Most of the women in the co-op have been rescued from prostitution or a lifestyle of poverty.

    Why are you going to the Dominican? 

     They say a picture tells a thousands words. My mission with this exciting trip is to empower  women by telling their stories & the story of the La Tienda mission through honest and realistic images. I will spend one week in the Dominican village, photographing each Haitian woman, capturing their life in images that will then, in turn, extend their story to Canada and beyond where support will be raised. Basically, it's this - the more people that know about La Tienda, the more support is raised, more women will be rescued from the streets of Haiti and in turn will be educated, trained and given a new hope, a fresh start and a new life - not only for them, but for their children.

    What will happen with the pictures you take?: 

    Literally, for those of you who are wondering, the images that I capture will be used in the following: calendars marketing publications of all sorts (brochures, postcards, etc.) online website fundraisers art showcases and more! 

    Are you going alone?

    Yes and no. I am not going with any organization or affiliated missions groups - but I am praying that God will provide financial support for an assistant who will help me with the documentation, interviewing of the ladies, etc. and for general safety (as it is safer to travel in twos!). Someone has already been selected but we are waiting to see if the all the doors open for this person to travel with me. 

    Are you leaving your children behind while you go?: 
    Sadly, yes!! It is just not fair to drag them around the rural street of the Dominican at such young ages. I will miss my girls SO much, but I know they will be in good hand (grandmas are wonderful, aren't they?) 

    Who is paying you to go?:

     No one. I am doing this strictly as a volunteer. I feel it is important to give to others and to use our talents to bless others and work for the Lord.

    How can I help you help the ladies of La Tienda?

    First off, keep us in your prayers! We are doing this for a great purpose, not for recognition or for press, but to genuinely help these ladies. Prayer support is coveted.

    Ohhhh, this is the exciting part! I am accepting donations of all types that I can take to the women of La Tienda. First off, we want to support the ladies in they do with their fair trade work. So when asking Rachel, the project leader, what would help them out hte most she said "CO-OP ART SUPPLIES!" 

    So, donations are GREATLY needed for the following: 

    beads - glass, silver, but nothing plastic, cotton fabrics, string (for jewelry making) 

    The ladies also love to wear pretty scarves, so Rachel suggested donations of the following: 

    pretty scarves (can be gently used, just make they are clean when you drop them off as a donation) wrapped skirts (as I do not know the sizes of each woman) 

    Also MEDICINE will be greatly appreciated! However, all medicine must not be expired so please, please check the expiry date. (I have heard you could get thrown in prison if you bring in expired medicine! I really don't want to be blogging from a Dominican jail cell! LOL! Umm, not that they have high speed or anything ...)

    So you can donate the following:

    Any children's medicine/pain killers: Tylenol, Advil, etc.
    Prenatal vitamins
    Children's vitamins
    alcohol swabs
    anti acids
    Selsun shampoo (used for ringworm)
    cough syrup
    toothbrushes and toothpaste

    Any donated baby or small clothes will be wonderful - however, I have limited luggage space (hoping for 200 lbs.) so if you have baby clothes to donate, please e-mail me first at gillian@igiphotography.comand I will make sure to note who is donating baby clothes, etc. for the simple reason of making sure everything fits.

    We also want to bless and encourage Rachel, the young woman who started this missions village. Rachel Sticklee, originally from Barrie, Ontario, is just young woman, but she has a mission and vision and she's working her butt off to help these women! God bless her for her efforts! She is also caring for two young children and working to adopt them, so she needs all the support, love and good vibes possible!

    Pray about it and if you feel you are the one to help us encourage Rachel's spirits, please e-mail me at and I can assign one item that we have hand chosen to help out Rachel.

    Suggested ideas: 

    an Ipod loaded with encouraging worship music
    Personal devotional or reading books
    Her favourite chocolate bar or treats (we're going to find out what she loves the most and let you know!)
    A digital camera

    Visit From_the_Island's Xanga Site!

    I'm also looking for TWO rolling duffle bags:

     Cc'mon, you sports-type-people! You know what I mean, right? I need these bags to carry all of the donations through the airport. If you have a bag that can hold up to 100 lbs and can be rolled, this is something I would love to borrow. That would so very helpful to me!

    Where can I drop off my donations?: 

    You can drop your donations off at the studio -  12 York Street, Orangeville and at my husband's work, Dods & McNair Funeral Home, 21 First Street, in Orangeville. Ask for Abby (my husband) and just say it is for La Tienda and he will take your donations. I will have a donation bin to collect the items at both locations. (Do not worry! It's safe to visit a funeral home!)  

    The trip is slotted for late May so we lots of time to gather donations! Thank you ALL for your WONDERFUL, encouraging support! Be blessed!

    P.S. LaTienda has a website and a facebook group! Check it out!
    6 comments so far...
    Gillian wrote: (04-01-2009 at 11:09am)

    Rose, how awesome! Thank you! I think the most needed is art supplies - ie. beads for jewelry making - as then the ladies can make money off what they create. Thank you again!

    Rose wrote: (03-10-2009 at 6:00pm)

    I am going to share this with some co-workers and speak to my principal and see if we can gather some materials needed from student donations from my school. What do you think? If you want one item to be collected let me know which one is MOST needed!
    I WANT to help!

    Annette wrote: (03-04-2009 at 2:02pm)

    Hey Gillian, I have two rolling suitcases, one really big one and one you could use as a carryon...

    Angela Galashan wrote: (03-04-2009 at 1:30pm)

    God Bless you, Gillian and the women of La Tienda! My prayers go with you!

    Becki wrote: (03-04-2009 at 1:05pm)

    This looks fantastic will definately have my prayers! I'm so excited that God put this idea into your heart! Bless you!

    March 02, 2009

    Exciting times ...

    Ohhhh - I feel so energized today. Maybe it's the third cup of coffee I *MAY* be on (I say may, because I rarely finish a cup of coffee, just toss the cold half of it down the drain because I can't stand drinking cold coffee ...) Maybe it's the fact that I leave for FLORIDA in eight days (yesssss! I am excited! I am taking the girls for a vacation! Wahooo!) Maybe it's because the details of Project La Tienda are being laid out. Maybe it's because my hubby and I have been working on spending at least an hour talking together each night for the past week (something we have to work on, because, let's be honest - three kids, two businesses to run, church, bills, house maintenance, everything takes all our time allowance up!). Maybe it's because the Lord answered so many of my prayers last week and that is just SO encouraging. 

    Either way, I hope you have a happy, energized day, too. :) 


    "If you want to be happy, be." Leo Tolstoy

    That quote is on my walls in the foyer of my house. I live by that quote. It's my motto.

    Here's a peek into a happy family life ... I love this cute little family - we go WAAAY back and now, it's such a pleasure seeing and watching their little ones grow. Quite recently, the family moved to South Africa so I will miss seeing them but hope we can catch up if they come home for visits! :) 

    Proof 1
    Proof 10

    Proof 71

    Proof 86

    Proof 99

    Proof 108

    Don't forget to check out the post below for this week's blog giveaway ... :) 

    1 comments so far...
    dsr wrote: (03-03-2009 at 7:24pm)

    What a gorgeous family. Last pictures is PERFECT! Loved the Tolstoy quote too.

    February 28, 2009


    Do you Twitter??! I do.

       You can follow me here: Twitter Away with Gigi! 

    Seeeeee you there!

    2 comments so far...
    Gigi wrote: (03-01-2009 at 3:34pm)

    Hi Catherine, I think I fixed the broken link - try it now! ;)

    Catherine wrote: (03-01-2009 at 3:23pm)

    I can't find you there!