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    November 24, 2008


    Amanda Tyas

    Ooohh the lilac one looks great!!!

    Jodi Bell

    Yumm-o! Thanks for the link to these fabulous bulbs!

    My fave would have to be candy cane! I can smell it if I think about it hard enough - haha. Thanks for doing this Gillian!

    Tracy Noseworthy

    I would have to say that my favourite would have to be Candy Cane! Or better yet what smell is more associated with xmas than gingerbread! Oohh that would be nice!

    Tracy Noseworthy

    What smell says xmas better than anything? Gingerbread! that would have to be my favourite!


    Buttercream would be right up my alley!!! Oh those pregnancy cravings....

    Jenesta Davidson

    Oh wow, being pregnant I could eat and smell each one of those. I think my favorite is the Melonball.


    My favourite would have to be candy cane!!
    What a fantastic item for a giveaway.
    Love the cute pictures of the girls outside!


    Mmmm, they all look yummy, I would have to say I like the buttercream one. This is making me hungry! Once again another cute pictures of little girls in red coats.


    Oh my goodness... so many to choose from! I think my favorite is the candy cane one :) They all look so good I want to eat them!

    The pictures you took above are beautiful (as always).


    Ha ha - my kids had the same great experience at the Tree Lighting... they love it (cried and moaned about how cold and tired they were).... its all about the memories :o)

    Great lights - how do you find this stuff?


    Yummy, make mine candycane as well-tis the season!!
    Great photos of the girls Gillian-they are super sweet too!!


    Love it!!
    It's gotta be candy cane for me!! Although Buttercream is a close second!! :D


    DELISH! They all sound scrumptious...if I were to win I would luv any flavour:)

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