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    November 25, 2008

    Right with the World.

    A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, 
    a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, 
    a link between angels and men.
     - Martin Fraquhar Tupper

    Ahhhh. Newborns. 

    I love 'em. :) 

    It's been a while as I've been very, very busy with family session during the fall - but now, now, it's baby season. Yippeee! Here's sweet baby Jack. He was perfect. Just perfect. Proof 51

    Does she look excited or what to be the newest big sister in the house?! 
    Proof 31

    Proof 63

    Proof 22

    Proof 47

    and with the biggest big sister ... :) She was so natural with her new baby brother. (Built in babysitter! Way to go, mom!)

    Proof 85
    I think this may be my favourite, favourite, favourite shot ..... so in love!

    Proof 102
    and with dad. :) 

    Proof 81

    Proof 93

    Janet, enjoy your sneak peek! Your full gallery will be live shortly ... :)
    4 comments so far...
    Krista wrote: (11-30-2008 at 7:51pm)

    The pictures make me want to have another!
    Ahhh so adorable!

    Catherine wrote: (11-26-2008 at 3:52pm)

    I *LOVE* the one with Dad and Jack is yawning. Just too perfect!!! Once again, you caught the moment!

    Sarah wrote: (11-26-2008 at 7:56am)

    Beautiful. I do love the image of all four children together. :)

    Melanie wrote: (11-26-2008 at 7:18am)

    Okay that picture of the little girl caressing the head of the baby...WAY too sweet! Absolutely adorable!

    November 24, 2008

    Winter sugar.

    Happy Monday!

    Ahhhh - I LOVE Mondays. I know most people hate Mondays but I don't. I *puffy heart* Mondays. Do you wanna know why? Because I schedule NOTHING. That's right. Monday are my nothing days. I stay home with the kids, there's no rushing about, no hurrying to get three little girls dressed, three little heads of hair brushed and prettied, no bags to pack, no snacks to find, no appointments to rush to already 15 minutes late. 

    Yes, I do nothing on Mondays. (Well, if you could the regular two laundry load a day plus the weekend laundry nothing! Oh yes, and cleaning of the entire house to make up for what I didn't on Sunday ... oh yes, and placing orders for clients and proofing pictures ... oh, well, you know what I mean!) 

    Are you feeeeellling the Christmas spirit yet? It's SOOOO strong this year! I feel it everywhere! 

    This weekend, we took the girls to the Moonlight Magic dontown tree lighting ceremony. The girls absolutely cried and screamed the whole time as their poor wee toes froze in their obviously-stupidly-cold winter boots loved it. Then we went to the Candy Cane Fair at the hospital on Saturday ... yeah! I LOVE our town!

    Here are some lovely little girlies that braved the winter snow for a few Christmas photos. Who says a little snow will stop us?!

    Isn't she darling?



    and with their precious little sister - she wasn't as fond of the snow, but we still got the shot! Yeah! 


    Annnnd because it's Monday, let's do a giveaway to brighten your weekday spirits! Literally!

    This week's giveaway is from Candylights by Jorabeel's.


    When I came across this website, I was in AWE! It's RIGHT up my alley! 

    Jorabeel's features hand-dipped light bulbs - but they're not just light bulbs ... they come in different "flavours" from Buttercream and Cotton Candy to Bugglegum Pink and Icicle Dream. And the best part! They look like candy! Mmmmm ....

    7 Watt Bulb "Icicle Dream" Blue- 

    (Please note: these are not scented .... but keep reading and you will find a scented string of lights to satisfy your cravings!)

    This week, Jorabeel is offering up one Candycane (yeah, you read that right!) scented light strand (imagine your living room with THESE lights this Christmas!) and two Candycane scented 5 watt bulbs along with a night light plug. Amazing! I can smell them already!


    To enter this week's giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment saying which flavour you would like ... to find your favourite flavour (or flavours because they are all so fun!), click this link - INDULGE!

    13 comments so far...
    Rose wrote: (11-30-2008 at 7:53pm)

    DELISH! They all sound scrumptious...if I were to win I would luv any flavour:)

    Devon wrote: (11-27-2008 at 1:35pm)

    Love it!!
    It's gotta be candy cane for me!! Although Buttercream is a close second!! :D

    Angie wrote: (11-24-2008 at 7:44pm)

    Yummy, make mine candycane as well-tis the season!!
    Great photos of the girls Gillian-they are super sweet too!!

    Kim wrote: (11-24-2008 at 7:01pm)

    Ha ha - my kids had the same great experience at the Tree Lighting... they love it (cried and moaned about how cold and tired they were).... its all about the memories :o)

    Great lights - how do you find this stuff?

    Karen wrote: (11-24-2008 at 4:04pm)

    Oh my goodness... so many to choose from! I think my favorite is the candy cane one :) They all look so good I want to eat them!

    The pictures you took above are beautiful (as always).

    November 22, 2008

    All things sweet and wonderful.

    I was looking through a client's file (which happens to be my niece!) from a few months ago and saw these images and thought "Why didn't I share these on the blog?!" 

    They melted my heart ... she is so precious - too precious not to share some of them so here it goes ...

    Proof 56
    She has rose petal lips. :) 

    Proof 4

    Proof 28

    Proof 51

    Annnnnd it's time to announce the winner of this week's giveaway, hosted by the Spa Sisters

    A yummy citrus souffle scrub and the matching lotion was up for grabs this week ... mmmm ...

    If you haven't visited their website, click on the link! These sisters have some incredible body products ... and not only that, but they are CANADIAN and from Ontario to boot! Awesome!

    Okay, so the lucky winner, using a random number generator to make sure it is fair, for this week is:

    #6 Tanya C. 

    Congratulations, Tanya! E-mail me and I will hook you up with your goodies! Yummy! ENJOY!

    1 comments so far...
    Catherine wrote: (11-22-2008 at 12:26pm)

    Those photos are AMAZING!!!!! What a beautiful girl!

    November 20, 2008

    Snow Angel.

    Do you remember the sweet little baby in the purple flowers from this summer? 

    Well, she's grown and she's going to be a big sister soon ... but she's JUST as cute as ever. :) She braved the snow for a few outdoor photos before her mom's maternity session this week. 

    Proof 1

    Seriously - how can you not LOVE this winter scene?! I love winter (for now anyway ... hahaha!) ...

    Proof 3

    Proof 5And with this GLORIOUS winter setting, if you live in the Orangeville area, you must come out and join the town celebrate the lighting of our Christmas tree Friday night. 

    The details are HERE ... it's tons of good-old-fashioned-Christmas fun ....

    Be sure to check back in tomorrow - I'll be naming the winner of this week's giveaway. 
    Also don't forget your toilet paper donations for the local Salvation Army hamper drive! A big thank you to Kristi for bringing in some TP this week! 


    Enjoy your day!

    4 comments so far...
    Kristi wrote: (11-21-2008 at 7:56pm)

    I looooove the first picture Gillian! Thanks so much. Cannot wait to see some maternity ones!

    Heather wrote: (11-21-2008 at 12:30pm)

    oh I love this last one!!! How sweet!!!

    Shannon wrote: (11-21-2008 at 9:33am)

    Awww...sweet little Addie! Love the coat ;)

    Sheena Morrison! wrote: (11-21-2008 at 8:17am)

    What a gorgeous little girl! Seems pretty happy too :)

    Back Jack - pre-sneak peek!

    I have very minimal time to blog today but I wanted to share a mini sneak peek of this cutie-patootie - baby Jack ... 

    Proof 4More to come soon!

    0 comments so far...

    November 18, 2008


    “When it snows, you have two choices: 
    shovel or make snow angels...”

    Oops. It's Tuesday. And I haven't checked in since the weekend! 

    Want to know why? 

    WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeeeee! We got real, fresh, sparkly, crisp beautiful snow. And not just a little bit - we got quite a bit for November! So I have been out with the girls ... making snowmen ... pulling them along in their wooden sleds ... watching the local Santa Claus parade ... ahhh, doing all fun, Christmasish thing. Isn't it lovely?



    The girls got these lovely red winter coats this year and with the new snowfall, I was more than happy to bundle them up and take them outside for some photos. :) 

    Lucia ... this will be her first Christmas.


    and Lyla ...

    I forgot Lyla likes to eat ice  ... she quickly found out that fresh snow tastes just as nice. 


    .... and Lacey - she's getting so mature! Makes me proud-breaks-my-heart kinda feelings go along with these photos ...




    And it's giveaway day! Yahooo!

    This week's giveaway is a repeat business - because I know you all loved them so much!

    After all, what girl doesn't like body products?! Especially yummy, luxurious Canadian made spa products!

    Spa Sisters  - check their website out here - is hosting this week's giveaway of a takeout box with their new souffle scrub in their new flavour (Citrus Sorbet) and the corresponding body meringue (Citrus Sorbet).

    Make sure you check out their AMAZING products  - especially to help out with that Christmas shopping list I know you all have!

    Mmmm  ... tub truffles - perfect stocking stuffers!

    To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will draw for one lucky soon-to-be-pampered winner on Friday!

    Post away!
    21 comments so far...
    Jillian wrote: (11-21-2008 at 4:51am)

    Your girls are so beautiful! Love the red coats with matching hats.

    Rose wrote: (11-21-2008 at 3:37am)

    Such adorable Snow Angels.....each of your angels are sweet! LUV the sled too!

    Ami wrote: (11-20-2008 at 5:52am)

    Wishing I could smell them!

    Brenda Clair wrote: (11-19-2008 at 7:47pm)

    Well, I love the coats but LOVE the girls more!! Great pics, as always. Enjoy the winter!! Love Gramma Marshie xo

    Gigi wrote: (11-19-2008 at 6:30pm)

    Hey guys - thanks for the sweeeet comments! <3
    The coats are from Children's Place ... aren't they sweet?

    November 14, 2008

    Friends from the south.

    I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite client's sister last week ... she was here from the States for a quick visit so we managed to squeeze in a last minute photo session with her and her *beautiful* children. 

    Despite the fact that her son was sick and both children were tired and suffering jet lag, they pulled it off! :) Way to go, kids!

    Starting off with juuusst getting to know each other ... :) 

    Proof 1

    ...warming up to the strange lady with the big, black camera and mismatched socks (oops!) ...

    Proof 27

    snuggles with a loving mommy always helps ease their minds ...

    Proof 31

    ahhhhh ... such sweet kiddos!

    Proof 39
    and some time with Grandma ...
    Proof 49

    It was fantastic meeting you and your family! Your online gallery will be ready tonight! :) 


    And because it's Friday - it's time to announce the winner of this week's giveaway, hosted by the Warm Biscuit Bedding Co. 

    And a big thank you to Vicki Bodwell, owner of the Warm Biscuit, for hosting this week's lovely giveaway! Vicki, you're awesome! :) 

    If you have not checked out their site, DO IT! They have the cutest items there - and who doesn't need some cute items right now for Christmas! 

    Okay, so the winner, using, is

    #3 - Crystal

    Congratulations, Crystal! Just e-mail me and I'll hook you up with your goodies - ! I am guessing you'll be picking the fairies (my favourite!) and if so, you'll have to take a picture of them on your wall and e-mail it to show us how it looks! Congratulations! :) 

    Stay tuned! More great giveaways to come next week ... hint: do you remember the Spa Sisters? Yup .... yummmmmy goodies. Check back soon! 

    Oh, and don't forget your toilet paper donations! :) We need more!!!

    P.S. Have you placed your Christmas photo order yet? If not, THIS is the weekend deadline! And don't forget about those darling Christmas ornaments in the Gigi Photography accessory store ... they are super sweet!

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    November 13, 2008

    TP, please!

    A BIG thank you to Ashley and Amanda who were the first to donate toilet paper for the Toilet Paper drive going on here at Gigi Photography. I sooo appreciate your support! I'm collecting donations of toilet paper for the Salvation Army Christmas Hamper drive. If you want to be a part of this, all you have to do is drop off your toilet paper donations at 12 York Street in Orangeville - either when you pick up your order or when you're out and about and can swing by the studio. Let's help our local families this Christmas. 

    Speaking of Christmas - oh, la la. My Christmas parcels have begun to arrive - for photos AND for personal Christmas orders! Wahooo! I'm so excited ... I absolutely love to see the delivery man drive up to my driveaway and pull out a large parcel or two for me (and my clients!). Yipppee! 
    Have you started your shopping? If so, where do you shop? Online, the malls, local boutiques? 

    Okay, on to the sneak peek for today ...  I know this one is long overdue! 

    Thank you for your patience ... they are here finally ... and your online gallery will be available tonight. :)

    Proof 2

    Proof 6

    Proof 17

    One of my favourites ... :)

    Proof 50

    Isn't mom stunning? I think she's gorgeous!

    Proof 96

    Thank you, Erika, for choosing Gigi Photography for your maternity portraits. You know I can't WAIT to meet your wee baby! I think it's a girl! ;) 

    P.S. It's the weekend of the Santa Claus Parade here in Orangeville ... check out this link for more information.

    The parade starts at 2 p.m. ... see you there!

    3 comments so far...
    Kristi wrote: (11-15-2008 at 6:02pm)

    I am so excited to do my maternity session after seeing these amazing pics!!!

    Sheena wrote: (11-14-2008 at 6:09am)

    I love the first picture! Such a cute little boy!

    Shannon wrote: (11-13-2008 at 12:54pm)

    Beautiful Pics! She is a gorgeous Mommy!!!

    November 11, 2008

    Baby Song Mothers and wee ones ...

    A baby is sunshine and moonbeams and more brightening your world as never before.
     -- Author Unknown

    I adore photos of mothers and their children together ... it's a very special bond and if I can capture it in an image, then I have succeeded at my job.

    This is one of my favourites from our Baby Song adventures last week.


    Sweet baby girl twins ... isn't this mommy blessed?!


    Love, love, love this shot! 


    Isn't he totally saying "How YOU doin'?" :D

    Ahhhhhh! So cute!!! I ADORE her little bow! Guess how she keeps that bow in her hair?! 
    (Do you guys remember the winner of Do You Have a Bump contest? This is her baby! So sweet!)

    What a sweetie! He was featured here on the blog earlier this summer - my, he's grown!

    DSC_1001 bw

    Baby Song Mothers - your online gallery of proofs will be available tonight ... e-mail me at and I will send you the password! :D

    P.S. Don't forget! Toilet paper donations are being accepted at the studio now! I'm collecting for the local Salvation Army hamper drive ... please help out families in need this Christmas!
    3 comments so far...
    Simone wrote: (11-11-2008 at 7:25pm)

    What beautiful pictures! How special that you could capture such timeless moments and emotions.

    The baby with the "how you doin'?" expression reminds me of Bill Murray (what he would look like as a baby ;) )

    Leanne wrote: (11-11-2008 at 6:35pm) are a true genius!!! These pictures are beautiful.

    I hope these mommies and babies know how blessed they are to have such a wonderful snapshot of a moment in time of these precious little ones....good job girl!!!!

    Erika Martin wrote: (11-11-2008 at 6:01pm)

    I absolutely love the "How you doin" pic!!! So adorable.

    November 10, 2008

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy!

    I'm happy, happy, happy, happy!

    Do you know why? 

    I bet you can guess.

    Yup, it's SNOWING! Real snow this time! The last snowfall (in October!) a few weeks ago wasn't REALLY snow - just bits of snow that melted as soon as it arrived ... but not today! We're having our first REAL snowfall of the year. 

    Yahoooo! I feel very festive this morning. Christmas lights are glowing, snow is gently falling and Christmas music is playing ... perfection!

    Of course, I HAD to snap a picture of the snowfall. :) 


    Isn't it lovely?! 

    Okay, time for some more sneak peeks for the mothers out there that I KNOW are waiting patiently! ;) I recently held a mini workshop at a local Mommy and Babies group - Baby Song - hosted at New Hope Community Church ... here are some of the ADORABLE babies from that group.


    Does it get any better than 22 (or more?) gorgeous babies and mommas?!



    Ohmygosh! SO cute!!
    DSC_0757 bw


    This little guy had AMAZING eyes ... wow!!

    More to come soon!

    Annnd it's Monday, so let's do a giveaway, shall we?!

    I have been surfing this website for a while and I LOOOOVE, love, love her items ... you have to check it out:

    Warm Biscuit has some gorgeous items in their store ... check this out:

    This week, Warm Biscuit has offered to giveaway one of their wallies ....

    To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post and I will draw a name, using, on Friday ...

    ALSO .... please read .... 

    With the Chrsitmas season now here, many of us find it in our hearts to help out families that may not have enough during the holiday season. This Christmas is an amazing time to help out the local families in the Orangeville area ... how can you help? 

    TOILET PAPER donations. 

    Yes .... Gigi Photography is collecting TOILET PAPER for the Salvation Army's local hamper drive (hampers are provided full of Christmas items, food and gifts for local families in need) ... last year, you guys REALLY stepped up to the plate and helped with the donations. My studio was half filled with toilet paper rolls!! AMAZING!  It was AWESOME! 

    Let's do it again this year!! We will be needing TONS of toilet paper (not sure how many ... I will get back to you on that one!) but if you are in the Dufferin Country area, I encourage you to participate.

    Just pick up an extra package of toilet paper the next time you're grocery shopping and then drop it off at the studio -  12 York Street, Orangeville - when you're out and about. Just leave it at the studio door if there is no answer (could be shooting a session or away) - and I will pick it up  that day. THANK YOU for helping out. I look forward to seeing how many donations arrive!!!
    14 comments so far...
    Melody wrote: (11-12-2008 at 6:56pm)

    Just found your website through the Warm Biscuit blog. Your pictures are gorgeous. How I wish I lived even remotely near you.

    Michelle wrote: (11-12-2008 at 10:36am)

    What amazing pics of the Baby Song group. Thanks so much for the amazing pic of my little beauty. It is awesome. I also agree with the other posts. Your house is gorgeous and makes the snow bareable when looking at it like that....well almost :)

    mothertofour wrote: (11-11-2008 at 9:04am)

    I love the shot of your house - I remember last year's snow picture. It's such a pretty house!
    Lovely babies, too!!! :)

    Thank you for another fun giveaway!I hope you get lots of toilet paper donations. I'm not in Canada so I can't help you out! I would if I could!

    Simone wrote: (11-11-2008 at 8:38am)

    Your house is my favorite in town!

    Babies are beauties!!

    Monica wrote: (11-10-2008 at 8:34pm)

    These little ones are adorable, I can't wait to see mine in color!!!