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    November 10, 2008



    count me in!! Gorgeous things!!

    I love your house! I have a century home too :)

    oh and as always, amazing photographs. wow, you're good!

    Ping ^_______^

    Wow~ Amazing photos! I can't believe just a simple snap at the church came out so beautifully : )
    Even though Mailey wasn't smiling, she still looks so cute!!! My husband was totally impressed~


    Love the pictures...
    can't wait to see the rest!


    The pictures look amazing!!! What an awesome job you did!!!


    LUV the first pure, so fresh, so crisp and inviting:)

    Allyson Manchester

    Love the picture of the blue eyed little guy! Perfection!

    Great giveaway too. :)


    The snow is so pretty!! You guys have more than we have here in Thunder Bay now!!! Beautiful always!!! :)


    Just wanted to know how you can take something so very gross and make it look beautiful. I am talking about the snow NOT the babies!! Love the Baby Song photos, we sure have a good looking bunch.


    We had our first real snowfall in Alliston on that October morning you were talking about. So much so that we got out the snowpants and boots and went for a sleigh ride. Usually it's the other way around.


    These little ones are adorable, I can't wait to see mine in color!!!


    Your house is my favorite in town!

    Babies are beauties!!


    I love the shot of your house - I remember last year's snow picture. It's such a pretty house!
    Lovely babies, too!!! :)

    Thank you for another fun giveaway!I hope you get lots of toilet paper donations. I'm not in Canada so I can't help you out! I would if I could!


    What amazing pics of the Baby Song group. Thanks so much for the amazing pic of my little beauty. It is awesome. I also agree with the other posts. Your house is gorgeous and makes the snow bareable when looking at it like that....well almost :)


    Just found your website through the Warm Biscuit blog. Your pictures are gorgeous. How I wish I lived even remotely near you.

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