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    May 31, 2007


    I'm sad. My little baby Lyla is sick today. She has a wicked fever and is very lethargic and under the weather. I'm wondering if her teeth are coming in. She's 10 months old and has no teeth so far ... so she's certainly due for some little teeth popping out of those cute gums of hers! Still, I felt around her mouth but didn't find any little spikes poking through.

    I cuddled her a lot today and held her tons - she would fall asleep very easily in my arms or in the sling. Is it terrible to say that I love holding a sick baby? They just seem so much more needy and requiring love ...

    My Gramma (who is visiting from British Columbia) spent her last day visiting us today and helped me out with caring for the girls ... I caught this moment with Gramma and Lyla on the front porch this afternoon. There's nothing like an experienced *great* Gramma to cuddle away your pains.  I have already filed this image in my 'favourite' file ... I love how Gramma's look is protective, caring and maternal ... all the traits of a loving grandma.


    Later in the afternoon, Lacey snuggled in for a moment with my Gramma, as well. I love Lacey's impish grin in this photo.


    Also, my baby has developed a HUGE bond with our cat, Jasper. Lacey loves Jasper, as well, but Lyla's reeeeally in love with that cat of ours! Good thing our cat is super duper patient and has never scratched any child that has visited this house. He even lets Lyla crawl ON TOP of him without fussing! It's quite funny to watch! He's an amazing cat - we adopted him three years ago from the Orangeville SPCA -  - (where everyone should be looking if you are interested in getting a furry friend for your family!) and he is by far the best pet I've ever had in this house! We love him to bits!

    As you can see ... Lyla is often found IN Jasper's bed with him, snuggling in or just plain pulling his fur out!


    "There is something about the presence of a cat ...

    that seems to take the bite out of being alone."

    - Louis Camuti

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    So I found a really cool spot ... and it's not a secret lcoation ... it's really well known and a local gem - people visit this location all the time, but I just got the chance to shoot there this week. What a great location for a session!  Of course, the trick was I needed to have older kids there that can manage the rough terrain and rolling hills, but isn't it fun looking?

    So after my client's 2.5 hour drive to my area (I'm sorry the drive was so long!), we met at the Badlands in Caledon. We had a great time ... despite the red feet (we were all barefoot) and stained jeans! It was quite an adventure!!



    I will post more from this session later ... but I have to run now! Hope everyone has a great day!

    Ohhhhh! And stay tuned for some GRREEEAAT news regarding Christmas portraits! Yup, you heard me right!! CHRISTMAS! Did that send chills down your back or what?! ;) It's not too early to start thinking of the holidays .. (as scary as that sounds!) ... sing it with me ...

    "It's the most wonderful time of the year ..."

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    May 29, 2007

    Milk and sugar, please.

    Tea for two.

    That's how a recent session with these *darling* girls started ... how fun! Her parents managed to find an antique miniature tea set to use for the tea party and so, in an apple orchard in the country, the girls were thrilled to have a cute little tea party outdoors. It was great fun! I loved it (so much that it inspired me to go to an antique store and purchase an antique tea set for my baby's first birthday! Thanks, Kim & Chad for the great idea!Proof_41 ) ...


    and who can resist their cute little feet ....


    Thanks, guys, for such a great, fun session! It was awesome seeing your family again ...! Can't believe how much your girls have grown!

    On a side note, I am fully booked from June-August and am currently booking clients into September and October. If you are interested in a fall session, please let me know as those dates fill up fast! Thank you to all my clients who have booked in advance into the summer months. I appreciate it! However, if you are having a baby or would like to schedule a newborn session, I will do my best to fit you into the schedule as I understand how important and SHORT that time is in your newborn's life.

    Thank you all for a fantastic spring and I look forward to an awesome-rocking summer!

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    May 27, 2007

    My Grandma.

    This weekend was a crazy busy weekend with a mix of sessions, packing, proofing, etc ... and in the muddle of things, my darling Grandma - who is visiting right now from British Columbia - had a birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

    It's hard to explain how special my grandma is to me - I love her sooo much! And the older I get, the more I realize what a wonderful woman she is.  She's been through a lot in her lifetime and if I could learn even a smidgen of what she has to teach, I would become a wiser person.

    I often talk (okay, okay, brag!) about my grandma to my friends, relaying stories from my childhood, memories of how great my grandma was to my brother, sister and me.  My grandma made the SPECIAL effort to make our childhood more fun, more exciting and more memorable. I remember staying at her place when we all still lived in B.C. - we loved going to see Grandma  ... because she used to let my sister and I watch cartoons while we were having a bath ... she would create awesome gingerbread houses every Christmas together ... she went halfsies in buying my sister and I are favourites Cabbage Patch dolls when my parents couldn't afford to spend the money ... and then, when we had to move across the country, she moved too! And when she had to move back to B.C., she would come out and visit every summer- always with a treat packed away in her purse .. something she picked up along the way - either the airplane peanuts or some little trinket she knew we would love ... She spent so much time with us, investing in our lives and creating a special bond not every child has with their grandma.

    She continued to believe in me as I graduated high school, went on to college, pursued dreams and changed passions ... she applauded all my accomplishments,  subscribed to all the newspapers I reported for (in my former life!) and encouraged in me every step of the way.

    Now that I'm an adult (although I still feel like a kid somedays!), I just want to thank my grandma over and over and over and over for all the love she poured into my life! And she hasn't stopped! She continues to invest time and love and memories into my own children ... and somehow, she still has the energy to roll down grassy hills with my three year old on summer afternoons and be with me for a week to help me when my second baby was born ...

    My Grandma is amazing.

    My Grandma is LOVED.

    Happy Birthday, Grandma Jackson ... I love you!


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    May 24, 2007

    Family time.

    Isn't it gorgeous outside?!? Wow ... all these blossoms and flowers everywhere! Ahhhhh ..... we live in a beautiful province, do we not?

    I took my family out to an apple orchard the other day to 'test drive' it for a client's session on Saturday. Not all of the trees are blooming but some are and it's soooo super duper pretty ...





    annnnnd ... well, ... trying to get the entire family in one frame ... challenging, to say the least. Okay, so I won't be enlarging this to a 30x40 canvas (hah!) but it'll still go in the family album.


    and just on a sidenote .... check these out! SUUUUPER cute.....! I'm so tempted to get one for my girls! How fun for their rooms!! You can get inside or outside tents. I think, as a kid, it would be so cool to have a little space in your room to call your own!

    You can see more styles at


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    May 22, 2007

    Michelle and Josh.

    Wow, what a wekend! We had fabulous weather, a gorgeous bride, beautiful ceremony and a fantastic wedding!
    I, along with my two *super-incredible-so-helpful assistants, Gillian, my second photographer, and Leanne, my assistant, shot Michelle and Josh's wedding on Saturday and had a great time! Michelle and Josh, I know you are on your honeymoon right now, but I thought I'd post a sneak peek for you (and your mom because I know she's going to check! Hee hee!) Can't wait for you to get back so I can show you all the images.





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    May 17, 2007

    Boys will be boys.

    I had the best session today - so much fun just photographing two little brothers being boys ... there's no better way to capture the essence of childhood than to just let the kids go and run free and see what happens in the session! We had a great time - a couple tackles and a few kisses - looking for bugs and groundhogs and roosters.

    This one, I know, will be special to my client - seeing as her dad has the same (but bigger!) tractor back at the farm.



    and his little brother ... who I remember meeting as a newborn. Wow, kids grow up TOO fast!


    Shannon, hope you had a great time during the session - your boys were fantastic!!!

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    Shannon Quinton wrote: (05-18-2007 at 3:19am)

    The boys had the best time just having fun and I really think that is what made the shoot such a sucess. My dad will love that picture of Nolan on the tractor, and the picture of Cole so captures who he is. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see the others. Thanks so much for playing with us and hanging out. This was a great way to get pictures without stressing out mommy or the kids, and it truly captures the essence of who they really are. Thanks again. Shannon,Roy, Nolan, and Cole

    May 16, 2007

    Wedding season.

    I have been sitting here proofing for nearly two hours straight and I now have a huge crick in my neck and tired, dry eyes ... I think it's time to call it a night! The flu bug has hit my family hard this week so I've been trying to catch up with my proofing tonight ...

    It's going to a SUPER BUSY week/weekend for me with lots of great sessions in the works. Tomorrow I have the fabulous opportunity to photograph two little brothers - should be great! - and Saturday I am photographing a wedding. I receive a TON of wedding requests and while I *do* shoot them, I am very picky and selective on  how many, when and what weddings I shoot - I guess that's mainly because I want to offer the bride and groom the BEST possible service and if we can work together and be on the same track, that's perfect! Well, this weekend's wedding is going to be GREAT! I can just tell! Can't wait!

    In the meantime, here's another picture of the stunning bride I photographed recently. We had so much fun - I wish all wedding days were this laid back!


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    May 14, 2007

    Grass ...

    Ahhhh ... it's wonderful, so wonderful to be shooting outside again! I love that the grass is up now and as green as ever! During the warmer months, I do try to avoid too much studio photography as I am very limited to studio work in the winter months, so forgive me if I beg and plead for you to have your portraits taken outside! :D It's just so much fun!

    This weekend, I was honoured to photograph this little sweetie pie in celebration of her first birthday. The *awesome* thing about my line of work is having the opportunity to see the little ones grow. I first took Baby Mieke's pictures one year ago when she was just a wee little newborn ....


    and here she is today ... such a gorgeous little thing ...


    and snuggling with mom ...


    Hope you guys enjoyed the session - your daughter was perfect! :) 

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    May 12, 2007

    Mothers ...

    It's Mother's Day weekend. How can I not post about mothers?

    Mothers ... wow ... what a calling!

    How does a mother find the strength to love her child through every struggle, every late night, every early morning and still find the energy to wake up fresh and patient for the next day?


    How does a mother find the strength to go through nine months of pregnancy and then go through labour, to bear such physical pain in bringing their child into this world - all with a smile on her face?


    How does a mother just *know*, as soon as the doctor places her newborn baby in her arms, how a baby wants to be snuggled and cuddled ... that stroking her baby's hair and rocking back and forth will soothe a crying baby?


    How does a mother find the peace inside of her to manage the bills, cook the meals, read bedtime stories, clean the house, drive everywhere, and still find time to brush her teeth and hair?


    How does a mother know when to let go and when to hold on tight?


    From sippy cups and diapers to education funds and driving lessons, mothers have *the BIGGEST* responsiblity in raising their children. There is no bigger calling on your life. There is no better reward than a hug and kiss from your little one before he skips off to the bus on the first day of school ... a scribbled piece of 'art work' from your youngest  that will hang proudly on your fridge for years to come ...  a Mother's Day hug from your teenage son this Sunday.

    To all the mothers out there, may you have a blessed Mother's Day - even if you don't get to put your feet up and rest with beakfast in bed or flowers on your dining room table, just know that even spending the day with your children is the best present in the world.

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