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    March 28, 2007


    My favourite flower is the lilac - they are my ABSOLUTE favourite - their scent, their colour ... everything about them is perfect! I have a lilac bush planted outside my bedroom window. As a little girl, I always thought it would be fabulous to to be able to open my bedroom window, lay in bed at night and smell the lilac tree's beautiful scent. Well, this little tree, a gift from my husband, is only tiny, but it's still very special to me.

    In a few months, it will bloom.

    For now, it's just awakening from a long, cold winter ...



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    March 27, 2007

    Change is good.

    "It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."

    ~ Alen Cohen

    Well, things have been interesting as of late! Lots of changes coming my way ... one of them being that we sold our house and will be moving shortly. But don't worry! Don't panic! ;) I'm not moving far - I'm staying in the area, just changing locations. As my clients would know, this affects my studio (which is located on the premises) ... so, things will surely be changing within the next few months - BUT I do believe this change will be GOOD! I will keep you all posted on where Gigi Photography will be located ... stay tuned! :)


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    March 24, 2007

    I want a dog.


    Are you an animal lover?

    I am ..................

    I have always wanted a dog - I had *the best* dog growing up - his name was Jacob, but we called him Jake. My dad told us (me, my sister and my brother) that he had a heard a country song once that talked about "my dog, Jake ..." and apparently, after hearing that song, my dad always wanted a dog ... named, well, Jake.

    Jake lived nine beautiful years with us ... and I still miss him. He was the best.

    I firmly believe all kids should have a pet. It teaches responsibility, respect for animals and can create a bond that is hard to break or replace.

    Here's to another beautiful dog and his best friend that I was able to photograph last week.





    Just a quick note - thank you to all who have responded for my call for a high school senior rep and a grade 8 rep! I have been getting so many entries and names  and will be making my decisions by Monday night. The contest is still open for entries, so keep sending those names in! Send your name, age, high school name and grade, to If you could also include a photo of yourself, that would be great!

    Thanks again, everyone, for your support!

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    March 20, 2007

    Wanna model?!

    Calling all high school seniors!!!

    Gigi Photography is currently looking for a one lucky high school student to be my model for an afternoon ... must be willing to have fun, be natural and stand outside in this chilly spring/winter weather! In exchange, you will receive a complimentary 8x10 of your choice, along with an online gallery all all your proofs from your session. This lucky teenager will also be selected to be a Gigi Photography 'senior rep', which means you are in charge of spreading the word about Gigi Photography! For every student who books with me after seeing your pictures, you will receive a print credit to be used towards your portraits ... it's a win-win! ;)

    If you're interested, please e-mail me at with the subject of "high school senior rep". Also, please include a short description about your hobbies, likes, etc (I can use this in the session) and a snapshot of yourself. I will respond by the end of the week with the winner!

    P.S. I am also considering taking entries from grade 8 grads, as well, to be used in the same manner....

    Just quick .... a pic of a great hat and beautiful kid (okay, she's mine!) LOL!


    Have a great day, everyone!

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    March 18, 2007

    Catching up.

    Wow, it's been a while since I updated my blog! Sorry, everyone! I will try to make up for it right now....

    Baby Noah .... such a sweet, sweet baby.





    And some "B.U.M.P." (baby under manufacturing process) images ... ;) ....



    Spring is around the corner ... is everyone thinking of outdoor pictures for their kids and families?! I sure am! I can't wait to get outdoors and take some pictures this spring!

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    March 11, 2007

    Water and eggs.

    I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend ... hasn't this weather been fantastic?! Woweeeee! I think spring has sprung!

    Again, it's been quite busy in the studio. There seems to be a dull moment.  These shots are from a fantastic family I had the pleasure of shooting last week. W, your proofs are almost ready! ;) Thank you for your patience!



    I also wanted to share this one of Lyla taking a bath in our kitchen sink. She just LOOOOVES the water and I couldn't help but laugh when she decided to soak not only herself, but also the entire kitchen counter and floors in the process!


    After the soaking of the kitchen incident, my oldest daughter and I painted some Easter eggs ...




    And the end result ......

    Mmmmm .... I can smell *SPRING* in the air!!! :D                                                                                  


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    March 08, 2007


    I was giving the girSunsetls a bath tonight ... turned around and looked out the window to see ...

    .... one of the prettiest sunsets I've seen in long time.

    A lot of people I talked to today said spring is in the air! Yay! I love the change of seasons! I love winter and I love spring, but I just can't wait for the blossoms and green grass and sweet smell of spring!

    Speaking of which, don't forget to book your outdoor spring portrait sessions SOON. I have already almost booked up most weekends in April/May, so please send me an e-mail ( if you are looking to book something for the spring. The studio will be closed the month of July, as well, so that doesn't leave too much time for outdoor portraits this spring/summer.

    Also ... just wanted to share some kiddo pics ...





    (In that last pic, she's saying, "Look Mommmmyy! I'm a MERmaid!!!")

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    March 06, 2007

    This time in my life.

    I am so in love with this chapter of my life. I have two sweet, sweet baby girls (well, one is not such a baby anymore *sigh*), a darling husband, an adoring, snuggly cat ... and a camera. 'What else does one need?! ;)

    (Well, secretly, I am wishing and hoping for a furry-companion, a dog, but I won't push that too much - yet.)

    Sometimes, I crawl into bed at night and think, "Man. I am BLESSED."

    I am so thankful for my children - my two pretty girls. They are such an inspiration to me - they inspire me to be a better person. To teach them what is really important in life (okay, okay, so my oldest is only just three years old, but still, there are things to be taught at that age!). To treasure tiny little things that we, as adults, forget to treasure. To appreciate afternoons of snuggling together. To notice how bright the moon is at night. To hug each other more (Lacey is so into giving hugs and kisses right now).

    This very moment, my baby Lyla is sleeping, all nestled in bed, beside me. She is growing so fast. I know I keep saying that here on the blog - that life is going by fast! - but it is! It really is. No matter how hard I try to slow things down, they just seem to be getting faster. I try to keep my commitments and my work pace at a minimum, but still, the days, the weeks fly past.
    I adore having a baby in the house again and will miss these moments so much when she's older. Despite the fact that she still gets up twice a night to nurse right now, I wouldn't trade this time of my life for anything. Yeah, I could use a night of beauty rest (Lord knows I need it!) but there is something so beautiful and precious about a little baby still needing her mother in such a great way.

    For those of you who are reading this as mothers, go give your kids, your babies, a kiss for they are the greatest blessing we could ever receive.

    I shot this yesterday ... trying to capture something ... not sure if I got it or not but I couldn't quite hit the delete button on this file.




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    March 05, 2007

    Sweet, sweet sleep.

    Wow, things have been busy and fun in the studio this past week! So many new fantastic sessions! Babies, newborns, families, kids, maternity sessions - a real mix ....

    Just a quick pic ...

    I guess when they say "he sleeps like a baby ..." *THIS* is what they mean.

    Ahhhh, sweet sleep.





    I hope everyone is staying safe during this cold, snowy spell ... stay warm and cozy. :) 

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    Alison Jordan wrote: (03-27-2007 at 8:55pm)

    I was reading your blog and enjoying the pictures and then I was like "hey thats Emmett and I"
    that was nice.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Lyla in your kitchen sink -beautiful
    Hope you are well

    March 02, 2007


    Can you believe it's already March? I can't. Time is just flying by!

    For us Ontarions, however, we still have quite a few weeks of winter left, so I thought I would brighten your day with an image of what brightened mine ... I woke up this morning to find this vibrant flower blooming in my living room. What a  treat for a day that is smack dab in the middle of winter storm!



    "When bright flowers bloom, parchment crumbles, my world fades ... the pen has dropped."
    ~ Morpheus


    Enjoy your day.

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