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    February 28, 2007

    A surprise.

    I love getting to meeting new clients and getting to know old ones. :) I love how every family has a story and yet we're still all alike!

    This particular family has come for photo sessions on a regular basis and it's been so nice getting to know their little girl and mom and dad ...

    And now I had the honour of meeting their six week old baby boy!

    The story of this family is a wonderful one and while I probably shouldn't share it all on my blog, I think it's an absolute miracle that I was able to meet their little gem of a baby boy. It's a complete miracle that he is here! And what precious little bundle he is ...


    and the proud big sister ....



    Tonight, I am shooting an itty-bitty baby ... less than a week old ... I can't wait. I looove the newborns!

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    February 25, 2007

    Babies and bellies

    For some reason, I've been very busy photographing newborns and maternity sessions lately. I love them, though! They are some of my favourite sessions! (Okay, okay, I do enjoy ALL my sessions!!) ... so for a break, I thought I would post some images from a family session I shot a few days ago.

    Middle sister .........


    and her twin brothers ...


    and oldest sister ...


    They were a great family to photograph! So much fun! I hope they will enjoy their pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them! ;)

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    February 23, 2007

    Albums, albums and more albums.

    Okay! This is for all those clients who begged me to find another album when I ran out of stock with my Keepsake Albums ... I've searched high and low and have discovered the BEST, the most delicious albums yet.

    I will be posting them on my website shortly but wanted to post some pictures here ....

    I will now be offering three albums - all are leather, hand-bound and co-ordinate with each other.

    The Session Album (holds 20 5x7 images)

    The Addison Album (holds 10 5x7 images)

    The Angela Album (holds 10 4x5 images)




    Also ...

    Introducing my new photo purse ........................!



    Is that not the cutest thing ever?! I will now be offering this purse to my clients who spend over $500 in their print order. The purse is one sided and can feature your favourite image from your session with Gigi Photography. Just think how great it would be to get one of these for Mother's day! Dads ... oh yoo hooo!!

    I'll leave you with that today ... I'm off to shoot a session now. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

    * * * *

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    February 22, 2007

    From beach to snow in 24 hours.

    I'm back!! As many of you knew, I was gone for a nine days to the sunny beaches of Tampa, Florida! While not exactly exotic, my two daughters and I had a blast! If anyone is feeling the winter blues,I would suggest taking a trip to someplace warmer! Vacations are *so* good for the soul, mind and body!

    I am, however, now swamped with proofing and orders ... it all just sort of came together at one time. I am working on getting most galleries posted by Saturday, so if you're waiting to see pictures, hold on! They are coming!

    In the meantime, I just thought I'd pop in and post a few pictures ... this one is of my baby girl, her first time at the beach. She was in love with the sand. :)


    and my oldest daughter in pursuit of water for her sand castle...


    * * * * * *
    Also, great, fantastic news from the studio!!!!! I will be offering two more varieties of albums, one will be replacing the Keepsake Album, for those of you who were requesting a smaller version of the Coffee Table Session album. I will be posting pictures of these new products on my website, so stay tuned! The albums are hand made by another photographer in New York and they are absolutely devine! Soft black leather, each book is held safely in it's own silk-lined case - yummm! Gorgeous! I can't wait to offer them to my clients!

    And another product note ... I have found a company to make photo purses! I Just got mine in the mail the other day and I am IN LOVE with it! I will be posting pictures of the purse, as well, as soon as I get my head wrapped around the sessions that need proofing. But trust me, you're going to LOVE it!!

    Stay tuned for exciting details and pictures of these new wonderful products!!

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    February 10, 2007

    Second time around.

    It is *such* a treat to see my clients and their children over and over again. It's one of the joys of this job - I love seeing the babies change and the little ones grow.
    I first saw baby Trinity a year ago ... she was just as cute the second time around! Thank you, guys, for coming back to see me! I just adore your little gal!!

    (Click on picture to enlarge and see full view.)






    *Also, a note to my clients who are waiting for pictures to be placed online or who will be placing an order within this upcoming week. The studio will be closed from Sunday, Feb. 11th - Tuesday, Feb. 20th. As soon as I return, I will answer all e-mails and phone messages as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!*

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    February 06, 2007

    Baby season.

    I think it's baby season!

    So many maternity sessions, so many newborn sessions coming up! Yay! I just LOOOOOOVE the newborns!!! ;)

    Here's one from a maternity session yesterday ... baby girl due soon! :) Can't wait to meet her!


    and I cannot help but add my two girlies ... they are growing so fast....!



    One quick note, if you're looking to book a newborn session, please, please call me and let me know so I can work my schedule around you. My best advice is to have the session booked for the first week of your baby's life .... newborns change so quickly that to get the whole newborn look, we need to shoot the session as early as possible.

    Enjoy your day. Remember, happy starts inside.

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    February 04, 2007

    -20 degrees with the wind chill.

    I shot an engagement session outdoors yesterday.



    Can you say "Brrrrrrrrr!!"

    When I arrived on location to meet up with my adorable clients from yesterday, I promised them I wouldn't say how cold it REALLY was outside ... I could barely believe that I was forcing them to do their session outdoors, but I'm so glad we did - despite the absolute freezing, cold temperatures. With numb fingers, I pressed the shutter and with frozen, chattery smiles, my clients cuddled to brave the winter winds.



    Michelle, I'll post more later ... just wanted to give you a sneak peek! ;)

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    Amanda Mitchell wrote: (02-05-2007 at 8:20am)

    Cute pictures!
    Cant wait to get mine done! :)

    February 01, 2007

    A little insane, you might ask?

    The other day, when I told my client we were dragging a very-big chair-and-somewhat-heavy-chair from my living room out to a field behind the studio - IN the snow - I received a funny look. "What!??! What is she thinking?" I do think this family thought I was nuts (and maybe I am!) but decided to go with the flow and we moved our portrait session from the studio to the snowy field.

    This is the result ... we had so much fun outside with this red chair, high snow drifts and a fun-loving Burmese mountain dog that enjoyed all the attention she was getting!


    I'm going to post more from this session later - it was just so much fun! Thank you to this family for being so flexible! :D

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